We are a forward-thinking team of designers and artists who's practices have been influenced by a rural-living experience.

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We exist to share the stories and experiences of creatives with past and/or current rural ties, and it's potential to influence their practice.

We are able to do this work because of volunteers, sponsors, and donations.

Our goal is to connect artists who have rural ties to create a place to exchange ideas, resources, and moral support regardless of geographic location or access of metropolitan areas. We aim to support and further development of creative spaces, people, and organizations within rural locations.

Rural doesn't need to be a central focus of the member's work, but rather a way to express understanding of multifaceted influences and their results.

We give back to the communities we came from.

Fundraising Projects

Annually, our group members put out a call for art to develop a project that raises funds for community efforts.

Giving Circle

Co-Founders are taking part in the Giving Circle training offered by Philanthropy Together.

Our members input is important to us

Together with this team, we have already started to make a difference in the community that has given so much to me.
Cailey B. , Co-Founder of [REC]
I'm really looking forward to how we can work together with all of our unique skill sets and common interests.
Jordyn B. , Co-Founder of [REC]
There is such a wide range of disciplines and experiences within this group. It keeps me connected to creatives who think and feel similar to me.
Shelby T. , Member since 2021
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