2022 Call for Art: Cookbook

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We are thrilled to announce our first open call for our 2022 Zine Publication titled: The Rural Experience Cookbook.

Whether it’s your dad’s barbecue sauce, your grandma's finest cookie recipe, or that weird dish no one actually likes, we all have recipes that we hold with us. The Rural Experience Cookbook will be a publication of recipes and artwork by artists with rural ties.

Application link: https://forms.gle/QjVpYx7BoqBctEs99

Contact Email: artbyjordynbrennan@gmail.com
Call Type: Zine Publication
Eligibility: International
Entry Deadline: 5/16/22
Entry Fee: no fee

The Zine will be sold online and in a variety of small-town shop locations. Proceeds from  the zine will be distributed back into rural  communities to support and further develop creative spaces.

About the Rural Experience Collective:
REC exists to share stories and experiences of creatives with past and/or current rural ties and its potential to create influence on their practice. The  collective runs on two main goals: 1.) connect with artists who have rural ties to create a place and  exchange ideas, resources, and moral support regardless of your geographic location or access to metropolitan areas. 2.) support and further the development of creative spaces/people/organizations within rural locations. Find us on instagram @ruralexperiencecollective

Members of the collective are not bound to a specific location or region. Additionally, a rural theme does not need to be the central focus of the members’ work, but rather a way to express understanding of multifaceted influences and their results.

What defines rural?
At the Rural Experience Collective we believe the idea of what’s  “rural” is subjective to each of our individual experiences. There is no population limit or criteria – it is unique to you and your experience.

All are welcome. Our calls for entry are open to all artists from every country, background, and education level. All styles and media are welcome.
The Rural Experience Collective strives to be a space of equal opportunity and inclusivity. We encourage individuals regardless of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age ability, or marital statues to apply.

Following submission, entries will be reviewed for consideration. The artist must submit the following items:
Contact information, including website or instagram.
Recipe including a short description of your relationship to it.
Artist Bio, including your rural connection past or present.
Once artists are selected, each artist will be asked to create/submit artwork for their two-page spread in the cookbook.

Entry Deadline: May 16th, 2022
Notification To Artists: No later than May 31st, 2022
Notification by email: Artists will receive a notification regarding their application via provided email address.
Selected Artists submit artwork: July 31st, 2022
Book in Hand: Approx. September 2022

Application Accommodations:
Individuals may request accommodations in the application process by contacting Jordyn Brennan, Co-Founder of REC, by phone at 920-472-3704 or by email at artbyjordynbrennan@gmail.com.

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